April 07, 2014

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The World of Tea!

The world of tea! Reaching as far back as the Emperor Shen Nong circa 2700 B.C., tea has won the hearts of so many cultures around the world. Tea is second, only to water, as the most consumed beverage in the world. What is it that brings people under the influence of tea? For starters, tea is soothing and relaxing to the body, but also has a stimulating effect on the body as well.  Relaxing and stimulating to the body all in one?  Yes! There are several compounds found in tea and one of the components in tea is Methylxanthines, which is a family of alkaloids of which caffeine is most well known for, but also in this family is Theophyline. Theophyline is a smooth muscle relaxant.  So while caffeine is a muscle stimulant affecting the central nervous system and brain, theophyline and theobromine is a smooth muscle relaxant affecting several different parts of the body including the respiratory system.

For centuries people have enjoyed and cherished the benefits of tea. From monks, who live a life largely in a contemplative and meditative state, where tea can both stimulate the mind but also relax the body, to those who sit down with friends and family after a hard days work, tea has much to offer. So go ahead, sit back and enjoy the blessings that tea has to offer. 


Adam Minter
Adam Minter