About Us

Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Minter Tea Company!  We are a specialty, loose-leaf tea shop that provides our customers with premium tea from around the world, custom made tea blends and tea accessories.

Several years ago, we became interested in the study of the health properties of various foods, including tea. As our studies continued, our respect for the health benefits of tea grew and our founder commenced his journey to becoming a tea expert, which included obtaining a tea specialist certification.  This culminated in the formation of the Minter Tea Company and opening the business in January 2011. With this study, training and experience, we developed our desire to be foremost in tea products and the services we provide. Our shop’s dedicated purpose is to provide our customers with extraordinary loose-leaf tea, including custom tea blends, combined with respect for our customer’s needs and responsible customer service.

Next to water, tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world!  And here at the Minter Tea Company, we desire to be apart of that history.  Minter Tea Company was birthed for the purpose of exposing specialty, loose-leaf tea, its health benefits and the exciting exploration of the different variety of teas in different parts of the world, to our family of customers.  Along with the many health benefits of tea, a long and fascinating history of tea has been apart of world events, relationships and culture, whether from Tibet, Japan or India.  Tea has crossed many cultural barriers and it has for centuries!

One of the things we love about tea is that tea brings community.  Whether you are with friends and family or have just met a stranger, sitting down with a nicely steeped cup of tea brings a connection with your neighbors.  We are family and community oriented, and we love to see our customers happy and consuming a product that is healthy for the body.

Adam Minter is the owner of Minter Tea Company, which specializes in providing its customers with specialty, loose-leaf tea from around the world. Adam has studied at Specialty Tea Institute (STI) and received his diploma as a Certified Tea Specialist. Adam lives in Dallas with his lovely wife and two daughters.

Our team is committed to bringing you and your family extraordinary service, along with exceptional specialty tea.  So please, come taste and experience the different parts of the world that tea has to offer, as we bring SpecialTea to your cup. 


Adam Minter

Your Tea Specialist